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For 2+ years, we have been guiding prominent campaigns in the Web3 ecosystem, resulting in the acquisition of 10,000+ ETH.

For 2+ years, we have been guiding prominent campaigns in the Web3 ecosystem, resulting in the acquisition of 10,000+ ETH.

Who we are
and what we do

At Expedition Labs, we are a team of experienced and proven crypto experts who are committed to helping top players successfully navigate the Web3 landscape. Our cutting-edge advisory and unwavering support are the key to unlocking your brand’s potential in this exciting and rapidly evolving space.

Services We Offer

We know that the secret to thriving in Web3 is having the right native knowledge and network, this is where we come in. With our deep understanding of the industry and years of hands-on experience, we are uniquely positioned to guide you through the intricacies and challenges of this dynamic ecosystem.

Project Management
Providing expert guidance and support to ensure a successful Web3 launch. Offering strategic advisory, mint strategy, and comprehensive scope of project campaign planning. Emphasizing sustainability of the project through careful market analysis and adaptability.

Offering comprehensive web3 marketing services, specializing in branding, social media management, social media campaigns, and influencer relationships.

Strategic Partnerships

Offering renowned collaboration, communication, and organizational support to facilitate key partnerships and alliances between blockchain-based projects and other communities, ensuring effective planning and execution for long-term success.

Coaching & Education

We recognize the importance of ongoing education and coaching during a campaign to ensure healthy communication and accountability for the goals set, ultimately contributing to the success of your Web3 venture.

Team Recruiting & Screening

We provide the “dream team” for your campaign. Our immense network of experienced and successful professionals allows us to ensure that we only bring on board the most skilled and competent individuals who can deliver the highest quality results for your Web3 venture.

Backend Support
Having Web Three Consulting & Auditing as our advisors, combined with our in house security has proven to prepare your mint for success, and protect your community during launch. Providing elite smart contract development and auditing, paired with premier community security.

Our Team

Comprised of individuals from successful Web3 brands and companies, our team’s experience and deep understanding of the industry gives us confidence in our ability to help you achieve a successful launch.

SGAR | Co-Founder

Chart topping artist, producer, & songwriter
Strategic Collaborations
Generative Music Creator
Music & Tech/Business Bachelor's Degree from Stevens Institute of Tech.

SNACK | Co-Founder

Collaborations Advisor [Pre & Post Launch]
Early Project Discovery [Alpha]
Experienced Tech Leader [Strategic Accounts]
Masters in Business Administration

RickoSuave | Business Relations Manager & Alpha Lead

Llamaverse Business Relations Manager
Collaboration manager
Alpha Caller
Economics & Finance Background

Visionary | Project Manager & Community Manager

World of Women Community Committee
Crypto Tech Women Community Manager & Project Manager
Latinamerica Community Builder

Bonglo | Head of Innovation

Professional FinTech Analyst
Co-Founder of The Build3rs Block
Published Environmental Microbiologist
Deep Fried Alpha

Matt | Social Growth Manager & Collaborations

Collaboration Manager
Successful Web2 Entrepreneur turned Web3 Addict

N3xt | Alpha Coaching Manager

Project Advisor
Community Manager
Ex-Semi Professional Gamer

0xD1rt3ag | Business Growth Manager

Lead collaboration manager at Llamaverse
Alpha Researcher
Web2 Advertising Strategist

Shozen | Business Outreach Lead

Collaboration solutions
Multi-community collaboration manager
“The Spreadsheet Guy”

McTyasha | Business Outreach Lead

Head of Collaboration and Partnership
Manager Marketing Agency Specialist

ZET | Collaborations & Head Moderator

Realtor Extraordinaire
Father, Husband, Trader

Ceaser | Advisor

Co-Founder of The Apelist
Co-Founder of Alphabot

Mr_Hmmm | Advisor

Owner of Web Three Consulting & Auditing

LiamD | Advisor

Founder of LiamD's IC
NFT Trading Strategist

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Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you navigate the Web3 world. Let’s work together and unlock your full potential.

For 2+ years, we have been guiding prominent campaigns in the Web3 ecosystem, resulting in the acquisition of 10,000+ ETH.

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